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Why am I saddled with all of this? I've got countless upon countless assignments to grade for Potions, because, unlike some of my coworkers, I actually challenge my students and make them work, and on top of all the Order of the Phoenix work there's that foolish ungrateful Potter stuck with me for an hour longer in my day than he needs to be.

Dumbledore will turn a complete deaf ear to my complaining, I'm sure. He's too busy to be bothered. I'm nearly as high up on the Death Eater Most Wanted List as he is-- and I'm under suspect from the Ministry-- and I have to teach Potter to protect him.

I'm going to need some serious Draught of Peace by the time this night is over. Perhaps it is a lucky thing Potter doesn't practice. The last thing I need is for him to accidentally reverse the charm and have my memories spouting out everywhere for him to see. I take the precaution of hiding the worst, of course, but there has to be something back in my subconscious I can't remember but he'll be able to see. The arrogant fool will probably be impressed with his father in most of them.

It certainly doesn't help that Black's convinced I'm out to kill him or something. Right. Just because he hasn't got any special tasks for the Order. I'd be perfectly willing to let him do it, let me tell you. He should have paid more attention in Charms class.

Then again, the spite is rather sweet.
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