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<hr size="1" color="black">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> Setting: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. This year will Harry's 5th year (and the 5th book).As books are printed we will continue on with what J.K.R has written but if the books take a while to be printed we will go along with our own story. When the books are printed we will continue on following the books. The community right at the moment is begging the summer of Harry's 5th year (5th book).

*Community Guidelines*

Characters: The basis of the communities character system is simply that you may be a book character but once we have accepted a member with a characters name we will not accept another member of the community under that character. If this happens you may create a non-canon (not straight from the book) character. (Though we really prefer book characters.) If you decided on a non-canon character, a character profile will need to be sent to the community master (the high inquisitor of Hogwarts...Just joking) and from that she will accept or decline your membership. YOU MAY BE ANY CHARACTER YOU LIKE! (parent, student, shopkeeper, ect.)

Character Relationships and made up characters: You may have a relationship with a canon character ONLY if they are not already involved with another members character. (Relationship situations that are taken: George Weasley, Oliver Wood) You also may be related to a character. (We already have Cho Chang's older sister.) Also, be wary of over-the-top relationships because you may be declined (the illegitimate child of Sirius Black and Lily Evans you never knew about!)

Replacing canon characters with non-canon characters: You may be involved with anything the book may contain shop keepers, Quidditch players, teachers (though we prefer to keep our teachers the same). If you would like to replace a character it will have to be run through members of the community and the all mighty high inquisitor lol. (I sound terrible when I'm actually a really nice person lol.)

Houses and years: You may be in any house and or year you want to. You also may be a prefect. (We already have head girl, and a female 7th year Ravenclaw prefect.)

Plot: We can't mess with canon. The Quidditch games all end up as they do in the books, the fights happen at the right times, and teachers are under scrutiny of Umbridge according to the books. However, life at Hogwarts does not revolve around Harry Potter! You may refer to yourself within a situation, add your self into a situation, but you may not alter it. Everything needs to end up as is.

1. If you join the community you may leave and rejoin as you please but you may lose you seniority (and seniority may be the difference between keeping the character you once had or having to change it.)

2. If you decide you don't like someone in the community don't make any personal attacks toward that person. Be nice!

3. Your journal comments may be in or out of character.