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In Detention...

*Velkan boldly strides down to the dungeons after supper to serve detention with Snape... the potions master ((thinks HP puppet pals! LOL!))*

It's a good thing that I grew up in durmstrang and aren't afraid of grimy dungeons... This could be entertaining... Snape seems like a fun person to tick off, well... only if you don't ask that Neville character. The boy's fun and helpful enough, but once I made the mistake of mentioning Snape and the kid went absolutely pale...

*opens the door to the potions room and finds Snape with Harry. They both look up hurriedly*

"Oh... I'm sorry... vould you like me to come back later?"

"No. Ivanova. you stay... begin polishing the cauldrons."

*Velkan slipped off his bag and grabbed the nearest cauldron. It reeked of ... essence of eel... Velkan's nose wrinkled in disgust ((my cat is running back and forth in a straight line... and I'm just telling you all... cause it's really really random)) but he quickly went back to normal*

I shall not give him any satisfaction. It's a good thing that I used to clean the dishes in Durmstrang in detention... I know how to clean these things very quickly...

*evil smile... picks up the second cauldron*

All for you, Gemma... all my labors are for you!
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