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Why am I saddled with all of this? I've got countless upon countless assignments to grade for Potions, because, unlike some of my coworkers, I actually challenge my students and make them work, and on top of all the Order of the Phoenix work there's that foolish ungrateful Potter stuck with me for an hour longer in my day than he needs to be.

Dumbledore will turn a complete deaf ear to my complaining, I'm sure. He's too busy to be bothered. I'm nearly as high up on the Death Eater Most Wanted List as he is-- and I'm under suspect from the Ministry-- and I have to teach Potter to protect him.

I'm going to need some serious Draught of Peace by the time this night is over. Perhaps it is a lucky thing Potter doesn't practice. The last thing I need is for him to accidentally reverse the charm and have my memories spouting out everywhere for him to see. I take the precaution of hiding the worst, of course, but there has to be something back in my subconscious I can't remember but he'll be able to see. The arrogant fool will probably be impressed with his father in most of them.

It certainly doesn't help that Black's convinced I'm out to kill him or something. Right. Just because he hasn't got any special tasks for the Order. I'd be perfectly willing to let him do it, let me tell you. He should have paid more attention in Charms class.

Then again, the spite is rather sweet.
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((oh... the irony... harry reading snape's memories... LOL!))

*Laughs and lets Gemma stay just out of reach... relishes the fact that he is now on good terms with her, but silently curses lee for stealing the room of requirement... Gemma tears down the hall and turns the corner right as Snape is coming out of a door and turning to lock it behind him. Velkan thinks fast*

He'll see her, and she'll get in trouble...

*Velkan speeds up and starts singing the Bulgarian national anthem rather loudly. Snape spins, hearing a bit of Gemma's noises, but only sees Velkan tearing down the hallway.*



*velkan stops and stares at Snape. His eyes are bleary and he looks incredibly stressed. He begins speaking to Velkan, but he isn't listening. Gemma's head popped from around the corner and she looks on in horror and Velkan is given a detention instead of her. Velkan gives her a wink and turns back to Snape*

"Vell... it has been nice talking vith you, professor, but I have to go now. I'll see you in detention! Try to get some sleep, okay?"
*frowns angrily*

"Were you listening to a word I was saying, Ivanova? There is to be no running in school. If it happens again, I'll have to inform the High Inquisitor," *grimaces with her name because he hates her just as much as any of the students*

((Dude, we need an Umbridge, lol-- HEY! By the time this year ends, Book 6 will be out! Lol!!!))
Music: MARCH SLAV!!!! ((that's velkan's new theme song!))

*blinks at Snape and motions behind his back for Gemma to move out of sight... he knows that if Snape sees her he'll think of a reason to punish her, due to her uncanny resemblance to her mother...*

"Vell... I heard something of your lecture... but not enough to really make me feel bad... you'll have to fill me in vhen I come for detention... okay?"

*turns to walk away*

"Oh, and take my advice, professor... get some sleep..."

*Suddenly Velkan has an epiphany... it felt kinda good being bad to protect people...*

I have to thank Mr. Black for giving me that advice in the owl... that owl that Gemma dosn't know about...
Music abruptly changes to Toccata and Fugue (lol . . . ^_^)

*Skulks angrily back into his office, rather snarling . . . and sits down in the dark.*

Right I will! he thinks. I've had enough of arrogant students, particularly Gryffindors, cheeking me, and I'm going to make an example of him; I don't care if he IS Bulgarian. Karkaroff's too scared to do a darn thing. And I'm not going to sleep. At all. Just to spite him. And just so I'm extra nasty when he shows up in my office tomorrow night.