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*Gemma limply goes down to breakfast, after convincing herself to not run away quite yet...*

*She sits down heavily at the Ravenclaw table, and inadvertently looks over to the Gryffindors. Velkan is there, and he tentatively meets her gaze and gives her a weak smile. She blinks hollowly and looks down at her plate expectantly*

*Velkan looks pained and puts his head in his hands. Lee pats him on the back, but he dosn't respond*

"Gemma... you must eat something... Velkan just got back from his trip this morning... his father made him late..."

*She looked up at Mei and nodded numbly, but her mind was racing*

He just got back? What? So... maybe he wasn't avoiding me... but still... I'm not sure i can talk to him...

*At that second an owl swooped down along with the other mail owls and gave Gemma a large blue envelope. It wasn't marked or anything, so she opened it. It was from Velkan. She hesitantly began to read it...*

My Dearest Gemma,
You have no idea how aweful I feel after I have realized what I must have made you think, at what I must have done to you. I offer the most sincere appology in the world, and I would have you know that my father and I are no longer speaking to one another, since it was his idea to bring the veela in the first place. He apparently recieved some advice from one of my old teachers at Durmstrang, and they do not want me seeing you anymore. But I'll have you also know that I fought them tooth and nail, and am on the edge of punishment, but I'll take it gladly. I love you, Gemma, and no matter what magical freak they throw at us, always remember that.... always remember...

*At that moment the muggle song began to play softly from the letter and in a large blank space in the parchment the lyrics began to appear as they were sung*

...I'm sorry that I hurt you... its somthing I must live with everyday...

*Gemma sat there after it was all done, too stunned to move for the moment, and read the last bits of the letter*

Even though I didn't get to see my brother at all, I feel that my trip was a bit productive in that I have begun to see things in a new light... I have realized that I would choose you over everything that I used to hold in high esteem...

Love Always, your faithful and devoted servent, if you'll still have me,
Velkan Ivanova

*Gemma gently folded the letter and put it back in the envelope. She turned to Mei, who was sitting next to her quietly*

"..Well... I'm of a mind to forgive him now... was that a good letter?"

*Mei merely smiled, and Gemma was close to tears*

"I guess... I guess I'll have to burn that letter I wrote earlier..."

*Mei nodded lightly to Velkan, who was chewing on his fingernails anxiously, and Gemma turned in his direction, laughing when she saw him anxiety*

*But just to sport with him a bit longer, she decided to wait until lunch was over before publically forgiving him. She smiled as she turned back around and began her meal*
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