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coming home...

*Velkan sits in a stoney silence with his father in the compartment of the train*

First he brings that THING along... then he makes me days LATE for school... what is his problem?

*They had just finished agruing loudly and violently in their rapid Bulgarian language, and Velkan could feel his temper boiling just under the 'out of control' mark*

So... his excuse is that some teacher back and Durmstrang had counciled him that his son should only date Slytherin girls, eh? Well... we'll just see about that... I am so screwed. Gemma probably thinks that I hate her and have run away with a veela, if she even knows what a veela is... It's a good thing I enchanted this letter...

*He fingers the letter that kind of resembles a howler... he had gone into a muggle town to escape his father and older brother, who he didn't even get to see after the whole ordeal, and found a muggle song that seemed rather appropriate for his situation. Hoobastank's "the reason"... so he enchanted the letter to play the song upon opening it. He hoped she would still read it, or even OPEN it after what she had endured...*

*he sighed and turned to the window. His father moved to say something to him, and abruptly Velkan stood and walked out of the compartment.*

I can't even stand to be in the same room with that man... how could he try to rip me apart from Gemma? THe only woman who's ever loved me?... well... he seems to have done a rather good job of it, hasn't he?

*Velkan wandered to the back of the train, where his owl was hopping in its cage. He grinned and gave it the letter, then let it off the train.*

No one knows what it's like
To be the bad man
To be the sad man
Behind blue eyes...

I... I still love you, Gemma...
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