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I'm BACK!!! The cruise was AMAZING! We had a small room, but we didnt spend very much time in it, except at SLEEP. The ship was huge, though. It had a theater, a huge dining room, a cafeteria bigger that the Great Hall, a casino(Oliver spent WAY too much time there), and even a LIBRARY!!! It was soooooooo COOL! I want to go on another one.

After the cruise, we went to Disney World. And OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!! It was so much fun! We spent an entire day in Magic Kingdom, then the Next in Animal Kingdom, then the next in Epcot, then the next in MGM. I LOVED IT!!! The silly muggles who created it are GENIUSES!!!!

Magic Kingdom:We went on Buzz Lightyear, Space Mountain, Thunder Mountain, Pirates of the Carribian, Haunted Mansion(which WAS acctually haunted...people think the ghosts are fake!), and we walked around and tlked to some of the Mickey, Minnie, and the princesses....

Animal Kingdom:We went on Dinosaur Ride, Safari thingy, Rapids thingy(we got soaked!), and we walked around and went to some shows there. And bought stuff.

Epcot: We went on Test Track, Mission Space, Body Wars, Underneath the Sea, and we walked though the countries(the potrayal of Britan wasnt THAT bad, they we just playing on history) and bought more stuff.

MGM: We went on the Star Wars ride, Tower of Terror(doesnt have real ghosts), Rock n' Roll Roller Coaster, and we walked through backstage stuff....and bought stuff.....

SO! Now that I'm BACK...I need to distibute all of the gifts I got for Gemma, and Mei, and Bridget, and Velkan, and.....well...I think thats it....I have to check my list.

*Oliver comes in holding the last of Kendra's extremely large bags*

"Here you are, hon. I didnt want the House Elfs to collapse underneath your luggage."

*Kendra play-punches him in the arm*

"Oliver...why do you have to leave? I mean...COME ON! You still have two or three days before you're called back to can stay with me."

*Oliver puts the suitcase down, and sweeps Kendra up into his arms*

"Well, Kendra, darling, I do have time off. Why dont we just...take an extened Vacation? home?"

*Kendra nods*

"You know, though, Oliver. I need to leave the gifts first."

*He lets her down, she opens up the huge suitcase, and grabs the gifts. She places them on each of their beds, traveling to the Ravenclaw Dorm for Gemma and Mei. Then, after giving Proffeser McGonnagal her extra homework and asking for more, she leaves hand in hand with Oliver to go to Scotland, huge suitcase full of a surpise for Oliver in hand*
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